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Program Highlights


  • 4 Star Rating from Step Up To Quality
  • Nationally Accredited by NAEYC
  • Kindermusik, Gymnastics, Art Class included in curricululm & tuition
  • A Universal Pre-Kindergarten Site!
  • Reggio Philosophy
  • Small Class Size
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Accepting Children 3, 4, and 5 years old

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Please watch the news for weather updates and cancellations. 

If Parma City Schools are closed we are also closed! 


You may also watch ABC (channel 5) to see our school listed individually for closings. 



Imagine a school...



  •  where children create the curriculum
  •  where teachers do not give answers, but help children find them
  • where nature is valued
  • where children are seen as capable of learning on their own
  •  where families are valued
  •  where children learn through THEIR learning style (hands on, visual, auditory, through movement, etc.)

Not all babies start babbling words and sounds at the same time or learn to crawl at the exact same age.  Children grow and develop at their own, individual pace.  This continues throughout childhood and is respected at Parma Preschool.

When some children start preschool they know the whole alphabet and can write their name.  Others cannot even hold a pencil.  Why then, would we assume that all children need to be taught the letter A at the same point in the school year?


We don't teach like that.

Preschool is much more than ABCs and 123s... it's learning to get along with peers, share, be kind and respectful to others.  It is learning to be healthy and active.  It is learning how to problem solve, negotiate, figure things out and make choices; not just being told what to do, how to do it and when!  

We follow the children's lead, meet them where they are at and help them reach the next level in their development.  Teachers study and utilize the Reggio Philosophy in their everyday teaching.